Is there help out there?

Yikes, I cannot figure out WordPress.  I am so frustrated.  If anyone sees this and uses WordPress can you give me some hints.  I want a picture to show up with my name when I leave a comment on someone’s blog but cannot figure out how to do this.

Anyways, here is another piece I am working on titled “Town” by The Workbasket.  It’s kind of a crazy piece but the colors are fun to work with.

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3 Responses to Is there help out there?

  1. At the side of your blog go to Users, and click on My Profile. You’ll see an option to edit and select something called a Gravatar, I think. Your Gravatar is the name for that little picture. It wil help you upload a pic of your choice, but it won’s appear instantly- it needs a day or so for some reason.
    Good luck 🙂

  2. Thank you for the help!! I think it worked 🙂

  3. Catherine says:

    What a fun piece!

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